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ASU Dedicated Cluster Hiring, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ

ASU Library is recruiting four librarians at the assistant and associate level as part of a dedicated cluster hire cohort within the Engagement and Learning Services directorate. Through this approach, ASU Library will dedicate resources and expertise towards onboarding, peer mentoring and professional development to ensure the cohort’s success, building a network to encourage support, growth and retention while simultaneously encouraging the research interests and scholarly pursuits of the individual librarians. ASU Library strongly encourages early-career librarians to apply. Current MLIS students must be on track to graduate by December 2023 to be considered for the positions. The positions are:

The first review of applications will begin May 8, 2023. For details about each position and application instructions, visit the links above.

On Friday, April 14 at 12:00 noon Pacific/3:00 Eastern, ASU Library will host a webinar discussing the open positions, working at ASU Library and ASU, and living in the Phoenix area. This is open to anyone interested in learning more about these positions and the ASU Library. Attendance is not required to apply for any open positions, and the attendee list will be hidden to ensure confidentiality. The webinar will be recorded, and closed captioning will be provided.