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Records Management Analyst, MacroSys, Washington, DC.


The project you will be working is to provide solid records management support and to assist in the transition to a digital environment that will support automated record and information management.

The Records Analyst supports all tasks related to the completion of the Records Management Project. Tasks include:

  • Provide coordination and support to assist Records Management Officer (RMO) and Records Liaison Officers (RLOs) in implementing records management activities across the organization.
  • Provide electronic records support by analyzing and providing expert recommendations for managing FRA’s electronic records and documents.
  • Develop and update records retention schedules as required and assist in coordination of their approval with program offices and NARA.
  • Prepare and complete the necessary records management documentation required by NARA and the agency related to the creation, maintenance, transfer and disposal of Federal records for review and approval by the RMO.
  • Manage the update and maintenance of the agency’s file plan.
  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures for established RM processes, as directed by the RMO.
  • Maintain the internal Records Management site.
  • Prepare and provide various levels of Records Management training, topics directed by RMO, to management, staff and RLOs.
  • Provide recommendations to the RMO for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the Records Management Program.

How to Apply:

The orginal job posting will full description can be found here.

For questions contact Tracey Schut: [email protected] or 410-570-7880.