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Records and Information Management Specialist, Department of the Treasury, Washington, DC


The incumbent serves as an expert in records and information management policy development, implementation, compliance and oversight in the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA), Office of Mission Support, Directorate of Facilities Management and Support Services.


  • Serve as an expert in electronic and non-electronic recordkeeping systems and records and information management programs, activities, and applications.
  • Advise officials on records management requirements, including requirements associated with the creation, maintenance, retention, and disposal of records in all media, and the implementation of electronic recordkeeping systems.
  • Develop and/or analyze system documentation and other background materials to assess the readiness, and justify the need, for recordkeeping systems.
  • Provide support for implementation of Federal and Treasury-wide guidance and requirements in records and information management, including gathering information and data, conducting analyses, establishing and implementing controls, conducting training, and implementing strategies to ensure compliance and accountability.
  • Maintain state-of-the-art awareness of records and information management policies, practices, procedures, and techniques. Advise TIGTA staff on matters related to records and information management.

How to Apply:

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