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The Winthrop Group – Remote Cataloger Position, (NY, NY)


Winthrop Group has an immediate opening for three part-time Catalogers. The Catalogers will work remotely to review and correct legacy metadata in a Foundation’s digital repository. This item-level review will ensure accurate description and expand access to and discoverability of these important knowledge resources.

Project work is expected to begin in early November 2023 and will run for 12-14 months. Each Cataloger will be expected to contribute a total of 1,360 hours (equivalent to 170 days) to the project, with a weekly limit of 29 hours. Winthrop and Foundation staff will provide supervision and training. All work will be conducted remotely.

Work Responsibilities

The Cataloger will review and correct legacy metadata to ensure accuracy, adherence to internal guidelines, and proper use of the Foundation’s controlled vocabulary. Metadata will include basic fields, such as author, title, date, keyword, etc., and enterprise-specific terminology, such as department and program area. The Cataloger will work with the repository’s bibliographic editor and Foundation-provided spreadsheets. Regular meetings with Foundation project liaison and team members will provide the opportunity to troubleshoot any issues and review progress.


Candidates for this role should ideally possess the following qualifications:

  • 1-2 years of professional experience working with archival materials, utilizing controlled vocabularies, ontologies, and metadata standards.
  • Proficiency in employing archive protocols and methods, adapting to existing standards, and working efficiently.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel and Google Docs.
  • Ability to conduct regular quality control assessments of completed work.
  • A collaborative and collegial attitude.
  • The ability to work effectively within the allocated weekly timeframes to meet project milestones and goals.

How to Apply

For more information and to apply, please go to the following: