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Archivist, Young Women’s Hebrew Association, (New York, NY)

Job Summary

Since its founding in 1874, the Young Men’s and Young Women’s Hebrew Association (more commonly known as the 92nd Street Y, or 92NY) has sought to enrich the lives of everyone who enter its doors. 92NY unites culture and community in one multifaceted institution. Myriad programs for people of all ages help them to navigate each stage of life, and frequent public events bring authors, musicians, artists, and experts of every kind into 92NY’s auditoriums, meeting halls, and classrooms. More than 300,000 people come to 92NY annually, while millions more visit 92NY online each year to enjoy digital media offerings.

The 149-year history of the institution is documented within the 92NY Archives. Formally established in 1980, the 92NY Archives have since been maintained as a professionally managed records repository to support the mission and programs of 92NY, and systematically preserve and provide access to 92NY’s institutional history. The 92NY Archives now include more than 2,500 cubic feet of institutional records, personal papers, printed materials, photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia, as well as more than 11,000 audio recordings and more than 11,000 video recordings of lectures, interviews, discussions, readings, dance performances, and concerts. In addition to supporting 92NY’s institutional mission, the Archives hold significant research value for scholars, educators, media producers, artists, and the general public.

92NY seeks an archivist to perform essential / ongoing functions as well as work with artistic, education, community, public relations, and fundraising colleagues to support the celebration of the institution’s 150th anniversary in 2024, and beyond. The archivist will work across 92NY with the aim of helping to create a dynamic and impactful celebration of the institution’s past, present, and future.

Acting on the belief that a more comprehensive and interactive archive will better serve 92NY’s mission, the archivist, together with institutional leadership, will utilize the occasion of the 150th anniversary to reimagine how the institution and its patrons participate in and access the richness of its ongoing history. The ideal candidate for the position will be eager to work with colleagues to explore every opportunity (artistic, scholarly, educational, philanthropic, commercial) to expand stewardship of 92NY’s exceptional heritage while appreciating that creative advocacy within the organization is as important to the long-term vitality of the Archives as collecting, processing, preserving, and maintaining access.

How to Apply

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