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NYU Langone Dental medicine program in NYC Volunteer Opportunity

My name is Dr. David Okuji and I am the research lead for a few developing systematic review/meta-analysis (SR/MA) studies with the NYU Langone Dental Medicine program in New York City. Please note that I oversee dental resident research in Massachusetts and am working remotely, which is the reason I am contacting you. Also, you can learn more about my background at the links: 1) and 2)

As part of these SR/MA studies, our team is need of a co-author to provide support for the literature search strategy, as follows:

  1. Database search (with keywords and Boolean operators)
  2. Support for the identification, screening, eligibility, and included studies process (e.g., set-up in Covidence, EndNote, RevMan, and GRADE Pro or similar platforms)
  3. Creation of PRISMA flow diagram of the included systematic review
  4. Manuscript contribution to the “Methods,” “Results,” and “Tables/Figures” sections which pertain to the literature review search and results

Since my department does not have funding to support a library scientist for these projects, I am reaching out to learn if your program might have one or two students who are interested in volunteering to join our team. My presumption is that this opportunity would provide the students with a real-life experience in the literature search process and an opportunity to be listed as a co-authors on the studies.

If this opportunity might be of interest to you and your students, please let me know if you would like to meet via zoom for a more in-depth discussion.

In advance, I thank you for your consideration and I look forward to receiving your response.

David M. Okuji, DDS, MBA, MS-Health Care Management

Senior Associate Director, 

Extramural & Special Projects

Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry

Pronouns: he, him, his (see LINK)

NYU Langone Dental Medicine

Postdoctoral Residency Programs

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Brooklyn, NY 11220

T: 718-635-1507
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