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Volunteer, Mothers Out Front, Virtual

Position Description

Mothers Out Front, a national non-profit, women-led, and largely volunteer-staffed organization needs your help and expertise! 

We are mothers and others working together to ensure a livable climate for all children. Our organization is growing, and timely information-sharing is critical to our success. In Massachusetts, where Mothers Out front was founded, our Google drive has become unmanageable and needs fresh eyes and technical skills to help it better serve our cause. Since 2015, we’ve populated it with essential documents that are now hard to find because of inconsistent file-naming and management practices.

We are seeking volunteers with experience with Google drive/Google apps and a basic understanding of document management best practices to work with our Knowledge Management team to help:

  • Assess the current contents of the drive to help us define a new document management strategy.
  • Help develop an action plan for next steps.
  • Help implement changes, including creating standards, designing educational materials, and delivering training to current and future volunteers.

Our volunteer Knowledge Management team includes IT and Information and Records Management professionals with years of industry experience as well as years of experience with Mothers Out Front. By helping us organize our Google drive, you would gain:

  • Real-life experience in information and records management and a boost for your resume.
  • An understanding of some of the challenges that non-profit organizations face.
  • Knowledge and awareness of the urgent need for climate action with a focus on climate justice.
  • Experience demonstrating how effective operations can help power social change and climate justice movements.
  • A chance to educate women leaders, now and moving forward.

The work is virtual. You need your own computer and internet access. Meetings are via Zoom. Hours are flexible and can be arranged to fit your schedule. Preference will be given to those who can commit to working with us for at least 4 months. (Longer would be great!) We wish we could pay you, but at this point, we can only offer you the opportunity to contribute to the greater good.

To Apply

To apply, email [email protected]. Please include a copy of your resume and tell us why you are interested in this position. How can you help us and how can we help you?