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Two Job Positions, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY


Cornell University Library is recruiting for TWO early-career librarians. A partnership initiative between Albert R. Mann Library and Olin & Uris Libraries at Cornell University is underway to attract and retain a cohort of new scholars that can help advance key instruction and outreach initiatives across colleges. These new hires will benefit from our desire to mobilize internal resources to create a meaningful and deliberate onboarding experience in which connections are fostered, time is protected for mentorship opportunities, and funds are earmarked for professional development and conference attendance.

Critical Pedagogy and Equity Librarian, Albert R. Mann Library

THE APPLICATION link is here.

We believe that an understanding of how credible and inaccurate information is produced and disseminated informs how we should interact with and draw conclusions from it. As a New York State land-grant library, Mann’s instruction program is rooted in egalitarian ideals. We do more than teach students traditional library search skills; we aim to equip undergraduate learners with the critical skills needed to be savvy and responsible digital citizens.

The Critical Pedagogy and Equity Librarian will collaborate with a team of information experts to integrate into our instruction program problem-based learning that interrogates the economic models and human biases of the information pipeline. While we work predominantly with undergraduate students and teaching faculty in the life sciences, agriculture and social sciences, our land-grant mission informs a desire to engage with and benefit members of all communities, at Cornell and beyond.

Engaged Learning Librarian, OLIN & URIS Libraries

THE APPLICATION link is here.

We are looking for someone who will help students—primarily, first-year undergraduate students—learn not only how to use the library but also how to critically evaluate information and the process through which it is found. The Engaged Learning Librarian will join a group of skilled library instructors and subject experts within the Research and Learning Services department at Olin Library. By leveraging subject-specific expertise and information literacy, our instruction program connects critical questions about algorithms, descriptive practices, privacy, and surveillance to how we access and use information for research and in our digital lives.

The Engaged Learning Librarian will play a key role in reimagining what a critical information literacy program firmly embedded within the liberal arts can be, and, how we can teach first-year students the skills needed to be successful researchers and global citizens.