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Local history volunteer positions, Newburgh Free Public Library, Newburgh, NY


Description: Beginning next month, we will be building a brand new and expanded Local History Resource Center at the Newburgh Free Library.  There will be numerous opportunities for a Library Science student to gain hands-on experience and leave their mark by:

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Conducting a thorough evaluation and assessment of our local history collections – our strengths and weaknesses, our opportunities for expansion and display of critical collections of interest – like urban renewal and ancestry – and to recommend and develop methods for enabling these collections a broader audience through our website, local history listservs, and other innovative means.
  2. Expedite the digitization of the majority of our LH collection and work on the Urban Archive collaboration.
  3. Develop two key “wall mounted” digital and print LH displays for the wall beside the new LHRC (Local History Resource Center) location and another site in the library to establish a vibrant LH presence and an inviting way to draw people into our new LHRC. 


  • Current or recent enrollment in Master’s degree in library and/or information science program
  • Interest in local history, digitization, and outreach

How to apply:

How to apply: Please send your resume and statement of interest to Theresa Zacek (she/her), Assistant Director, [email protected].  

Apply by: Available until filled