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Elementary School Librarian at Rowe, Reiche, Longfellow and Peaks Island Schools, Portland, ME


Portland Public Schools is seeking an Elementary School Librarian to run an innovative library media program to support learning and curriculum at Rowe, Longfellow, Reiche and Peaks Island Schools.

The role includes: 

  • Fostering a love of children’s literature: print and media awards, works of prominent authors and illustrators, and literary genres; 
  • Collaborating and consulting with classroom teachers to integrate reading, research skills, and use digital and technology resources into the curriculum; 
  • Educating the community on the research processes such as search strategies, evaluation criteria, and information retrieval;
  • Evaluating the library collection and managing the budget to meet each school’s needs; 
  • Understanding of the relationship between reading and writing instruction and how writing and reading support each other at different developmental levels; 
  • Designing curriculum based on characteristics of learners, predominant learning theories, elements of lesson planning, and meeting the needs of diverse learners; 
  • Organizing literacy events, library programming, and professional development;
  • Managing the Library / Learning Commons, including working with library ed techs, volunteers and community


  • Maine Library/Media Specialist 071 (K-12) certification
  • Teaching experience, working with elementary school aged students, and ESL endorsement preferred.
  • Maine State fingerprint (CHRC) authorization.  Cost $70.  Website:

How to apply:

Closing Date:

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