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Crash Course Programs, Library Freedom Project, Online/Remote [CLOSED]


Library Freedom Project is now seeking applicants for our new Crash Courses program. LFP’s Crash Courses are free, two-month online training programs for library workers who want to learn practical ways to defend privacy in their libraries. 

We have two Crash Courses open for applications now:

Systems and Policies (will run May-June 2021)

In this Crash Course, we’re focusing on privacy in library infrastructure. Topics will include: creating good privacy and data governance policies, conducting privacy audits, working with Library IT, understanding vendor agreements from a privacy perspective, and more. It’ll cover some technical stuff, but it’s intended for library workers without a formal technical background or role.

Programs and training (will run September-October 2021)

In this Crash Course, we’re learning how to teach privacy to patrons, fellow staff, and other stakeholders. We’ll cover some of the broader privacy landscape out in the world — things like consumer technologies, police surveillance, artificial intelligence — and discuss how the loss of privacy affects our communities. We’ll learn how to run effective and interesting privacy programs for various audiences.

How to Apply: