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NAHSL IN ACTION! Conference, Registration Due Soon, Virtual Conference


Register today! The registration deadline is Friday, 10/23/2020. Visit our registration web page.

North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries, Inc. invites you to attend our first virtual annual conference – a celebration of 62 years of membership, resiliency, and engagement. Join us for two days of online programming, inspiration, and camaraderie this October!

This year’s theme is NAHSL IN ACTION! 2020 has presented enormous challenges—a global pandemic and a fight against racial injustice. Our theme this year represents health sciences librarians’ ability to face the obstacles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic with resilience and grace under pressure. It also demonstrates our commitment and work towards diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our logo shows climbers scaling a mountain, reaching out their hands to aid and uplift their patrons and colleagues.

The website will serve as a digital program and will help you to plan for and navigate the meeting. Please check back regularly for updated details. For more information about NAHSL, please visit our website: