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Library Media Specialist, Lincoln Elementary School, Melrose, MA


Provide leadership and expertise necessary to establish that a library media program is an integral part of the instructional program of the elementary schools this is a .5 position. The Library Media Specialist assumes all responsibilities related to the effective operation and evaluation of the elementary schools’ library programs.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Directs, organizes, and supervises the personnel and services essential to a library media program centered on students’ needs and the instructional goals of the schools.
  • Develops and maintains a long-range plan for library media instruction and services and collaborates with classroom teachers to develop specific subject-area projects that integrate information literacy skills and technology literacy standards with the elementary school curriculum.
  • Evaluates the collection of each library, then establishes a collection development plan and annual budget that will ensure that the collections support the schools’ curricula and encourage student recreational reading.
  • Works with the Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning and other School Library Media Specialist(s) to develop and implement a sequential program of information and technology literacy skills that teaches students to conduct research and prepare research papers in accordance with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.
  • Develops and implements programs that encourage recreational reading.
  • Acts as a consultant to teachers and staff on matters dealing with information and technology literacy and advises them on techniques and resources to enhance classroom instruction.
  • Educates the staff about the role and importance of the Library Media Program and does whatever is necessary to embed the effective use of the Library Media Center in the elementary schools.
  • Keeps the principals, and Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning informed of issues, needs and the operation of the elementary schools’ Library Media Program.
  • Any other general duties as determined by the Superintendent of Schools, or Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning.

Educational Leadership:

  • Keeps abreast and informed of new and emerging technologies and their potential impact on successful instruction and learning, providing systematic whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction to teachers and staff on their use.
  • Encourages and stimulates the search for effective and innovative methods of instruction.
  • Works closely with teachers and principals to plan for staff and curriculum development to meet specific building and district-wide goals/needs.

How to Apply:

The orginal job posting with full description can be found here. Apply using the job portal found there.