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Librarian, West Roxbury Education Complex, Boston MA

Job ID:  346063

This is a shared position between two schools within the West Roxbury Education Complex (WREC).  It will be a .5 at USA and .5 at WRA under PC#00035833 & PC#00044172 for SY 2013-14.

Reports to:  Principal/Headmaster


Boston Public Schools seeks a Librarian who is experienced, highly qualified and knowledgeable to join our community of learners and leaders. This is an exciting opportunity for Librarians who seek an environment that supports their creativity, and innovation and respects their skills and abilities as a librarian. Successful candidates must demonstrate a commitment to the vision of Focus on Children.  S/he must possess an educational philosophy that embraces the community vision for a rigorous academic program and champions the belief that all children can learn at high levels.



1.            Creates a caring and safe environment where students are consistently engaged in meaningful learning activities.

2.            Works effectively with colleagues as a team member in planning and implementing appropriate and meaningful learning activities

3.            Communicates effectively with parents and colleagues both orally and in writing.

4.            Provides leadership on committees, organizations and/or projects beyond the classroom.

5.            Believes and works to implement the educational philosophy that all children can achieve high standards.

6.            Equity and High Expectations:  Demonstrate a commitment to excellence, equity, and high expectations for all students with an emphasis on building on the strengths that students bring to the teaching/learning process and closing the achievement gap between subgroups within the school.

7.            Professionalism:  Model professional behavior that addresses job responsibilities, district policies and procedures, and the expectations of professionals working in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and economically diverse community.

8.            Safe, Respectful, and Culturally Sensitive and Responsive Learning Communities:  Build and maintain safe, fair, and respectful learning environments that celebrate the diversity of the student population. 

9.            Partnerships with Family:  Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with families communicating about student progress and ways the families can support the student at home.

10.            Partnerships with Family and Community:  Initiate and maintain consistent communication and develop constructive partnerships with community members, and agencies, building on their strengths and recognizing them as co-educators.

11.            Demonstrate cultural proficiency and use effective and culturally relevant instructional practices.  Integrate technology into the classroom as an instructional tool and for personal productivity.

12.            Content Knowledge:  Have extensive knowledge of the content including, but not limited to, key concepts and facts, relevant research, methods of inquiry, and communication styles specific to the respective discipline(s).

13.            Monitoring and Assessment of Progress:  Use a variety of assessment tools and strategies to gather data to monitor student mastery of instructional content, to improve instruction, and to assess the comparative performance of subgroups within the classroom.

14.            Reflection, Collaboration, and Personal Growth:  Reflect on practice in collaboration with administrators and colleagues, monitor personal and professional growth, and pursue professional development in needed areas.



1. Hold a valid Massachusetts Teaching License in the appropriate area.

2. Meet all state and federal guidelines in order to be fully licensed and  Highly Qualified  according to NCLB.

3. Ability to meet the  Dimensions of Effective Teaching  established by the Boston Public Schools as outlined above.

4. Education:  Hold a Bachelors degree.

5. Current authorization to work in the United States – Candidates must have such authorization by their first day of employment. 

Please apply through  For more information, please contact Amy Short at [email protected]