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Literacy/Librarian Teacher, Elizabeth G. Lyons Elementary School, Randolph MA

The Lyons Elementary Literacy/ Librarian Teacher will partner with the teaching staff in the development of student literacy through administration of the library and computer lab; to provide specialized instruction to faculty and students; and to oversee the selection, organization, utilization and maintenance of library and media resources.


1. Set short-term and year-long goals within curricular units.
2. Identify individual and group needs and plans the use of appropriate instructional strategies.
3. Identify, demonstrate, and use materials and resources, including technologies, that are appropriately matched to curricular goals and to individual student needs and learning styles.
4. Seek out and collaborates with classroom teachers, specialists and administration to help them design curriculum, assessment strategies, and/or instructional modifications to meet the special learning needs of students.
5. Plan frequent instructional opportunities where students are interacting with teachers and one another while assuming increasing responsibility for their own learning.
6. Evaluate the library program in relation to changing needs and technology.
7. Implement clear lesson objectives and communicates these to students and teachers.
8. Promote students’ independence as learners.
9. Stimulate students’ thinking through discussion and research activities.
10. Understand and demonstrate to students the relevance of the subject matter to life long learning and the inter-relationship of various curricula.
11. Help students plan strategies for acquiring, selecting, and evaluating information.
12. Demonstrate a working knowledge of current educational research and information technology.
13. Present information recognizing multiple points of view, encourages students to assess the accuracy of information obtained.
14. Use time and space productively and efficiently in order to promote optimal learning.
15. Maintain a high level of student participation and engagement with appropriate time on task.
16. Establish procedures that ensure smooth transition from one activity to another.
17. Encourage student achievement and responsibility by reinforcing desired student behaviors that demonstrate attitudes of fairness and respect. .
18. Establish and carry out reasonable routines and procedures
19. Communicate standards, expectations, and guidelines regarding the quality and quantity of student work.
20. Responds to students’ questions in a timely and appropriate manner.
21. Encourage students to take risks and to persevere with challenging tasks.
20. Provide opportunities for all students to participate in library media center activities and demonstrate sensitivity to differences in abilities, gender, race, and ethnicity learning style, social and cultural backgrounds.
21. Develop and implement strategies that are effective in meetings the needs of a diverse student body
22. Seek out information and is receptive to suggestions for growth and improvement.
23. Work cooperatively with other staff members to implement appropriate library media center and school related programs.
24. Share expertise and new ideas with students and colleagues.
25. Work constructively with others to identify school problems and suggest possible solutions.
26. Meet deadlines and fulfill routine responsibilities.
27. Participate in appropriate self-development activities such as conferences, in-service training, and professional study.
28. Maintain appropriate level of confidentiality and professional behavior in all interactions with students, families, and colleagues.
29. Observe established school system polices and procedures.
30. Articulate and model a vision of the library program that is integrated with all the school’s instructional programs, provide intellectual and physical access to materials, manage networks of information resources and accommodates emerging information technologies.
31. Performs other related duties as assigned.



Massachusetts Teacher License as Elementary Teacher, School Librarian, or Reading Teacher
Demonstrated experience working with students in a diverse, multi-cultural academic setting

  • Citizenship, residency or work VISA in United States required