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Content Architect and Taxonomist, Council of Europe, Strasbourg France

Content Architect and Taxonomist (temporary contract, initial duration of 3 months) (Grade B5 )

Information Management Division
Closing Date: 18 August 2013
Location : Strasbourg

Job Mission

– WCD “Web Cube Documentaire” migration – audit of functions supporting organisation of events – recommendation for simplified processes (replace former event document of WCD);

– to establish a content architecture for the Council of Europe which compiles needs for several vocabularies (e.g. CERES – Council of Europe Retrieval System -, Topic list for Web, Eurovoc) and revamp of the Topic list for new web content, designing the procedure for integration of specialised vocabularies.

Eligibility Requirements

– nationality of a Council of Europe member state;
– aged under 65 at end of contract;
– has the required competencies described.


– experienced taxonomist & content architect;
– professional degree or certification in Record and Information Management.

The Organisation

The Council of Europe is a political organisation founded in 1949 in order to promote greater unity between its members. It now numbers 47 member States. The Organisation’s main aims are to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and to develop common responses to political, social, cultural and legal challenges in its member States. Since 1989 it has integrated most of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and supported them in their efforts to implement and consolidate their reforms.

The Council of Europe has its permanent headquarters in Strasbourg (France). By Statute, it has two constituent organs: the Committee of Ministers, composed of the member States’ Ministers for Foreign Affairs, and the Parliamentary Assembly, comprising delegations from the national parliaments. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe represents the entities of local and regional self-government within the member States. The European Court of Human Rights is the judicial body competent to adjudicate complaints brought against a state by individuals, associations or other contracting States on grounds of violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.


Applications must be made in English or French using the Council of Europe on-line application system. By connecting to our website you can create and submit your on-line application. Applications must be submitted at the latest 18 August 2013 (Centtral European time) at the latest.

Additional Information

Your application will be examined with regard to the requirements of this vacancy and will remain active in our system for a period of 3 months.

If you wish your application to remain active longer so that it could be considered for any forthcoming temporary vacancy that may occur for your profile, you should log on to your account every three months.. Please ensure that you maintain the information in your application form up to date via your online account. You may also withdraw your application at any time by following the online instructions.

In accordance with the Staff Regulations of the Council of Europe, the compulsory retirement age is 65. We cannot therefore accept applications from persons over this age.

The total length of employment under temporary contracts will not exceed nine months in any calendar year.

Details on conditions of employment for temporary staff including salaries, allowances, pension contributions and social insurance can be consulted on our temporary recruitment website.